Friday, November 22, 2013

Planetary Relationships

It's interesting how relationships change over time. We develop friendships and love relationships (not to mention our family relationships) and as we move away or get a new job or have children, those relationships change. Contact slowly (or suddenly) drops away and we're spinning off in different directions.

Just because we've spun away from each other doesn't mean that the friend or lover has been removed from the heart. Rather, I see us spinning away, while others spin closer, and then those will spin away. It reminds me of the movement of the solar system or maybe one of those teacup rides at the carnival. Eventually, those who have spun away will spin towards us again.

We're in a great cosmic relationship dance, always connected, even if we don't realize it. Sometimes that dance is full of joy, as when someone we love or admire comes spinning towards us. Sometimes the dance is tentative, fearful even, when illness is taking a loved one from us or someone we have an uncomfortable relationship with spins toward us and we can't spin away fast enough.

This dance can be ever so slow, slow with the moving away and slow with the coming together (it takes a long time for a child to grow up). Or it can be lightning quick (a coup de foudre as it were), where both parties aren't quite sure what hit them.

But slow or fast, joyful or fearful, this dance should be embraced, because it adds such depth and meaning to our lives.


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