Sunday, November 24, 2013

Perspective Shift

Hmmm…I had a post all composed in my head and what happens? The minute I sit down to write it, it's gone! I really need to start making a note of the post topics so the forgetting doesn't happen. Well, the forgetting probably will happen, but it should make the remembering a lot easier.

Ah…got it!

My soul sister has had the great privilege to rent a small apartment on the "estate" that belongs to a friend of ours. The big house was built in the early 30s, I believe, and is very elegant, in an understated way. They've done a lot of landscaping and have apricot, apple, pear, and fig trees. The apartment feels very European and has great views. But our friend is getting on in years and the work needed to maintain the house and land is huge. Their children (and grandchildren) are in Sweden and I suspect they've been getting pressure to move back home. So a couple of years ago, they put the house on the market. Given the price point, there were not a lot of prospective buyers. Until now. They finally found a buyer and it looks like the sale is going to go through. From the little bits and pieces that I've heard, I've formed a not-very-nice opinion of the buyers (he sat in the car talking on the phone the entire time they were there for the second showing; they apparently said "We want her out" with regard to my friend continuing to rent). The attitude seems arrogant and grasping and I'm feeling sad that such a beautiful, peaceful property changing hands in this manner.

As I was laying in bed this morning, trying not be move because my head still hurt, I thought about my attitude and how it wasn't very charitable, and indeed, is rather selfish. I don't want the estate to sell because I don't want my friends to go back to Sweden. I don't want my soul sister to move because she'll move to temporary lodgings, which will make it easier for her to eventually move to Massachusetts (and I'll be lost without our deep metaphysical talks while we run). Clearly, I need to shift my perspective.

Instead of the buyers being grasping and trying to get as good a deal as possible, perhaps his job is stressful and they are moving to this property to find the peace that they so desperately need. Their children will thrive in nature and will delight to find all sorts of hidden dens amongst the trees and shrubberies. Even if they aren't moving to the property to find peace, I suspect it won't take long before they do find it. That is my wish for them.

The shift in thinking still doesn't alleviate my sadness with the changes. But it does make it a little more tolerable.

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